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Creepshow 2: Film and Blu-Ray Review

This week we take a look at Creepshow 2 both as a film and as one of the latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases from UK company 88 FIlms. Do The Creeps tales hold up to modern scrutiny, or should they be relegated to the long boxes of history…     Related posts: Attack of the […]

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series comes to a close with the preparations for a diabolical goal. Always one to do my research (stop spluttering at the back), I watched all the films in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise in order to be able to compare, contrast and critique THE GHOST DIMENSION. I actually came away from the […]


Three teenagers inadvertently release chaos, monsters and an unedited first draft on small-town Delaware. The idea behind GOOSEBUMPS is a good one: R.L. Stine’s collection of his hugely popular GOOSEBUMPS books are somehow capable of releasing their monsters if opened, teenager new to the town accidentally opens a book, calamity ensues. However, the film never […]

Hammered at Gallifrey 2016

Going to Los Angeles for the Gallifrey One convention next month? So are we! Myself and Mr Paul will be present throughout the convention and we’ll even be on a couple of panels: Mr Paul will be on ‘James Bond Deathmatch’ on Friday February 12th at 5:00pm Spectre has come and gone, Daniel Craig may […]

Tales From Beyond The Pale: The Hole Digger & The Trawler

Two chilling tales of horror, monsters and things that go ‘scrape’ in the night. Having grown up listening to audio books and radio dramas, all the while developing a taste for horror and record players, reviewing the limited edition vinyl release of a double feature from TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE has been a treat […]