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Vanessa is a writer based in darkest south-west London with a large ginger cat. In her spare time she enjoys reading, video games and making cake-based effigies of her enemies.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series comes to a close with the preparations for a diabolical goal. Always one to do my research (stop spluttering at the back), I watched all the films in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise in order to be able to compare, contrast and critique THE GHOST DIMENSION. I actually came away from the […]


Three teenagers inadvertently release chaos, monsters and an unedited first draft on small-town Delaware. The idea behind GOOSEBUMPS is a good one: R.L. Stine’s collection of his hugely popular GOOSEBUMPS books are somehow capable of releasing their monsters if opened, teenager new to the town accidentally opens a book, calamity ensues. However, the film never […]

Tales From Beyond The Pale: The Hole Digger & The Trawler

Two chilling tales of horror, monsters and things that go ‘scrape’ in the night. Having grown up listening to audio books and radio dramas, all the while developing a taste for horror and record players, reviewing the limited edition vinyl release of a double feature from TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE has been a treat […]

The Sand

The morning after a drunken beach party, a group of college students find themselves hung-over, stranded and in terrible danger. Ah, a day at the beach. Blue skies, warm sunlight, golden sand and mortal peril…  at least, that’s how things are for the handful of people who wake up to find that, if they step […]


A group of school teachers fight for their lives against a horde of zombie children. Is anywhere safe? Will Clint live to finish his novel? Is it possible to pronounce ‘dual rear wheel’?   Forget Jamie Oliver and his blender – once you’ve seen COOTIES, you’ll definitely want to avoid chicken nuggets for a while. Like […]