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Hammered Horror 31: The Blob

Hammered Horror 31: The Blob

Can collecting hobo Mr Paul and mulleted rebel without a clue Mr Ash return to tackle a Frank Darabont masterpiece! No, not the one with the zombies, the one with The Blob, which is called… The Blob. We take a look at this vastly underrated remake which shows that even in the late 1980s, the USA was still terrified of communists.

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Is there a download link for this episode?

Mr Ash

Have amended the post. Sorry about that, new system, still a few bugs to work out, including a few things that used to be manual that are now automatic and vice versa!


Listening now – and I have the very disctinct impression that I’ll be revisiting/revising my (low) opinion of this Chuck Russell shocker in due course! Good luck with the new site etc guys 🙂 ScoJo (The Damn Fine Cast)