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One half of the original dynamic duo that is Hammered Horror. Resident of South London, owner of beard, occasional video content producer, main abuser of the tweety box, spinner of licorice pizza.

Grimmfest 2016: Beyond the Gates

Ok, hands up who remembers the boon of VHS/Board Game hybrids that appeared in the early to mid 90s. Congratulations, you are at least as old as me. Possibly older. I’ve always had a somewhat bittersweet relationship with these games. I always wanted to own them but never hand anyone to play them with, partly […]

Grimmfest 2016: Train to Busan

South Korea is not a country that springs to mind when you think of tightly made ‘End of the World’ zombie apocalypse dramas. It is therefore understandable that when a film like TRAIN TO BUSAN starts to appear at festivals word of mouth will begin to spread. By the time the film had reached Grimmfest […]

Grimmfest 2016: Director’s Cut

One of the things the internet has brought to more widespread attention is the incredible proliferation of fan entitlement that haunts various franchises and properties. The more invested (either financially or emotionally) a person is, so can their sense of entitlement grow to match. DIRECTOR’S CUT is the product of that culture, as well as […]

Grimmfest 2016: Another Evil

Grimmfest 2016 kicked off last night and after two dark and disturbing features (LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR and BROKEN) it was time to end the night with something lighter, ANOTHER EVIL, that is best surmised as THE EXORCIST by way of CLERKS with a hint of THE CABLE GUY. The story is that […]

Shocktober: Most Likely To Die

Browsing Netflix for Horror can be a mixed bag. When it comes to ‘classic’ films; for every LIFEFORCE there’s a HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and when it comes to new films for every HUSH there’s a MOST LIKELY TO DIE. The story tells of a group of high school friends who gather together the night […]

Shocktober: Black Sheep

Whilst Black Phillip may be the new ‘kid’ on the block with THE WITCH, he’’s certainly not the first member of the Caprinae family to terrorise the celluloid world. Step up BLACK SHEEP, a New Zealand produced film from 2006 which pays more than passing tribute to the early works of one Peter Jackson. Some […]


For my next film entry in Shocktober, I decided to mix some Sci-Fi with my Horror and watch ALIEN ABDUCTION: INCIDENT IN LAKE COUNTY, or is it THE MCPHERSON TAPE? Wait, no, it’s UFO ABDUCTION. Maybe. Oh dear. I remember first seeing this film, (well, one of these films) back in the late 90s. The […]

Shocktober: EVOLVER

1995 was an important year for me, for it was the year I first obtained semi-regular access to new issues of Fangoria. It took a burgeoning interest in horror and solidified it into a passion. Those lurid imported pages were full of movies that I hoped and prayed would find their way onto the shelves […]

Shocktober: PSYCHO II

Confession time: I’ve not seen PSYCHO II in nigh on 17 years. As a matter of fact, after this viewing I’m debating whether I’ve seen it at all and maybe my memories are of PSYCHO III or an entirely unrelated film that I thought was a relative of Hitchcocks superlative original slasher. However, after a […]

Shocktober: Grimmfest 2016 Preview

Time to kick off Shocktober by taking a look at some films I’ll be watching over the next month: Grimmfest 2016 will soon be taking over a hefty chunk of the Manchester Printworks for 4 days of films and frights. As I’ll be fortunate enough to be in attendance, I’ve had to start making the […]