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One half of the original dynamic duo that is Hammered Horror. Resident of South London, owner of beard, occasional video content producer, main abuser of the tweety box, spinner of licorice pizza.

Turbo Kid

In the post apocalyptic world of the future (1997) the remnants of the human race fight and scavenge to survive. In this world lives our hero, obsessed by comic books and other relics of the past that he finds during his many trips into the Wasteland. When the evil Zeus kidnaps his mysterious new friend […]

Hammered Horror 29: They Live

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH29.mp3 The unrequited bromance that is Mr Paul and Mr Ash return once again to pay tribute to the Rowdy one, Roddy Piper. No coconut will go uncracked or kilt unlifted as they remove the subliminal coating from John Carpenters cinematic counter-commercialism piece ‘They Live’.  

Hammered Horror at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015

When someone approaches you and says, ‘Hey Ash, would you like to present the Midnight Movie on Saturday night at this year’s Nine Worlds convention?’, the answer is fortunately relatively easy: ‘Yes.’ When someone else approaches you and asks, ‘Would you be interested in being on a panel discussion about zombies?’ at the same convention […]

Hammered Horror 27: Horror Express

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH27.mp3 Mr Paul and Mr Ash are ready to punch your ticket on board the Horror Express. Join the dynamic duo as they discuss one of the films that united the Gentlemen of Horror; the original gangster Peter Cushing and the moustached wonder that is Christopher Lee as they fight a zombie alien monkey… thing. […]

You’ve got mail!

Do you shun Podcast Applications? Do you fear the cloying suffocation of too many RSS Feeds? Well we here at Hammered Horror have an old school solution to a 21st Century problem. E-MAILS! That’s right you can now subscribe to Hammered Horror via e-mail and we will notify you when we’ve got something to say, […]