Hammered Horror 41: Gremlins

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH41a.mp3 Join the podcast team that can frequently be found for sale down chinatown and who always avoid sunlight as they celebrate the festive season with one of the great marriages of Christmas and Horror; GREMLINS! What tangents await? which trivia is mangled? Did Hitlers iCloud account get hacked? Download before midnight to find out! […]

Hammered Horror 40: Quantum Leap

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH40.mp3 Theorising that one could podcast within their own lifetime, Mr Paul and Mr Ash refilled their glasses and talked… It’s the final episode of our four part Halloween TV Special! And we’re looking at a sinister episode of time travel TV Series Quantum Leap! Who is Sam there to Save? Why does anyone realistically need to own […]

Hammered Horror 39: Diagnosis: Murder

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH39.mp3 It’s part 3 of the 4 part Hammered Horror Halloween Special and for this episode we’re back in the realm of daytime mild peril with a spooky episode of DIAGNOSIS: MURDER, with the Van Dykenamic duo of Dick and Barry as they get those ‘Bela Lugosi Blues’. Caution: May contain actual vampire. Download

Hammered Horror 38: Bergerac

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH38.mp3 When people think of hard edged gritty world renowned police drama they think of one name: Bergerac. When Mr Paul and Mr Ash think of Bergerac they think of questionable accents, Geoff Capes, and the mysterious allure of the enigma that is John Nettles. Oh, and a giant invisible killer bird. Probably. Download

Hammered Horror 37: Murder, She Wrote

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hammeredhorror/HH37.mp3 Hammered Horror kicks off a 4-part halloween special by delving into the murder capital of the USA: Cabot Cove, and it’s own personal Grim Reaper: Jessica Fletcher. Join Mr Paul and Mr Ash as they try and work out who is taking the fall for her evil crimes and why you never see Paul […]

Grimmfest 2016: Beyond the Gates

Ok, hands up who remembers the boon of VHS/Board Game hybrids that appeared in the early to mid 90s. Congratulations, you are at least as old as me. Possibly older. I’ve always had a somewhat bittersweet relationship with these games. I always wanted to own them but never hand anyone to play them with, partly […]

Grimmfest 2016: Train to Busan

South Korea is not a country that springs to mind when you think of tightly made ‘End of the World’ zombie apocalypse dramas. It is therefore understandable that when a film like TRAIN TO BUSAN starts to appear at festivals word of mouth will begin to spread. By the time the film had reached Grimmfest […]

Grimmfest 2016: Director’s Cut

One of the things the internet has brought to more widespread attention is the incredible proliferation of fan entitlement that haunts various franchises and properties. The more invested (either financially or emotionally) a person is, so can their sense of entitlement grow to match. DIRECTOR’S CUT is the product of that culture, as well as […]

Grimmfest 2016: Another Evil

Grimmfest 2016 kicked off last night and after two dark and disturbing features (LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR and BROKEN) it was time to end the night with something lighter, ANOTHER EVIL, that is best surmised as THE EXORCIST by way of CLERKS with a hint of THE CABLE GUY. The story is that […]