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Three teenagers inadvertently release chaos, monsters and an unedited first draft on small-town Delaware. The idea behind GOOSEBUMPS is a good one: R.L. Stine’s collection of his hugely popular GOOSEBUMPS books are somehow capable of releasing their monsters if opened, teenager new to the town accidentally opens a book, calamity ensues. However, the film never […]

The Sand

The morning after a drunken beach party, a group of college students find themselves hung-over, stranded and in terrible danger. Ah, a day at the beach. Blue skies, warm sunlight, golden sand and mortal peril…  at least, that’s how things are for the handful of people who wake up to find that, if they step […]


In case you haven’t kept track of my comings and goings, I was on a horror based panel at the Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015. Amongst my co-panelists was director and general creative force Prano Bailey-Bond. During (and after the discussion) there was mention of her next project, which at that point was in post production: […]


A group of school teachers fight for their lives against a horde of zombie children. Is anywhere safe? Will Clint live to finish his novel? Is it possible to pronounce ‘dual rear wheel’?   Forget Jamie Oliver and his blender – once you’ve seen COOTIES, you’ll definitely want to avoid chicken nuggets for a while. Like […]

Turbo Kid

In the post apocalyptic world of the future (1997) the remnants of the human race fight and scavenge to survive. In this world lives our hero, obsessed by comic books and other relics of the past that he finds during his many trips into the Wasteland. When the evil Zeus kidnaps his mysterious new friend […]

Attack of the Werewolves

  Shopping. It’s an absolute sod. The sad fact is that many of us will have to face this monster on a regular basis. The weekly Supermarket run is a chore of unbound boredom and enforced trolley wrangling that invokes feelings of utter dread in all of us. How do we cope with this terrible […]